'Stylize Your Home' - Home + Life Coaching Program

Discover the life + lifestyle of your dreams through creating a home you LOVE!

~ Welcome Friend! ~

Do you feel like there is a dream life + lifestyle waiting for you where you can thrive as your highest + best self, but you just don't know how to achieve it?

How long have you desired to have an organized, clean, functional, beautiful + personalized home that serves as a comforting and relaxing sanctuary and escape from the other stressors in your life?

I'm Laura, your personal Home + Life Coach and I'm here to help you Enhance Your Home + Enrich Your Life.

Let me explain how I can help you - and by that, I mean
blow your freakin' mind when it comes to your home + your life!


'Stylize Your Home' is an innovative Home + Life Coaching Experience unlike anything else on the market.

I will inspire and teach you how to easily and confidently transform your chaotic, dysfunctional and disconnected spaces into a home that enhances your life and brings you total joy!

My program permanently eliminates the roadblocks which are holding you back from achieving the home + life + lifestyle you’ve always wanted!

~ Enhance Your Home - Enrich Your Life ~

~ Create a Home + Life + Lifestyle you LOVE! ~

So, what's it all about?

This is NOT a course teaching you about design rules and the technical design elements - pattern, scale, repetition...bleh. In fact, it's really a program to teach you why you don't need to worry about all that because it's honestly total BS! (Coming to you from someone who IS a professional designer...gasp!)

Sure, we will obviously be talking about the aesthetics of your space. Yes, we are going to work through my system together in order to completely transform one of your rooms, but my Program is about SO MUCH MORE my friend!

  • It's about acquiring the tools required to sit in the director's chair of your home and your lifestyle and finally stepping into your highest self your best life!

  • It's about transforming your home to a place of sanctuary, retreat, and restoration. A place of community, gathering, celebration, and togetherness. Something which brings about feelings of love, safety, warmth, coziness, and comfort – whatever you desire! No longer will your home be another source of frustration, discomfort, anxiety, or strife in your life.
  • It's about creating a home where you desire and crave to be - a place where you and your family can thrive - something you love and that lifts you up, brightens your vibe and mood, and elevates your life + lifestyle!

  • It's about uncovering and eliminating the fear-based beliefs that are holding you back from getting the results you want for your home and your life that you didn't even know you had!

  • I'm talkin' total transformation of you home, yes, but also of your mindset and how you show up for your life! What I'm bring to the world is a totally unique combination of a simple, holistic and intuitive design process that will tackle your problems from all directions with some serious mindset coaching that will result in an enhanced home and an enriched YOU.

Great coaches make a true lasting impact on the lives of their clients. That’s why my program isn’t just about teaching women about color and pattern, but it’s about permanently eliminating the roadblocks you are currently experiencing that are holding you back from achieving the home and the life you’ve always wanted!

Can you tell I'm fired up about this, ladies!?!?! Let me tell you more:

Here's What You'll Get from
'Stylize Your Home'

As a one-on-one coaching client, you will have up to 6 months to work through my 7 Module Course where together, we will actively transform one frustrating sore-spot of your home into the room you’ve always desired through the understanding and implementation of my 5 Pillar Design Process and some key mindset development.

You will receive one-on-one personalized coaching, personalized instruction + help along every step of the way. These tools will allow you to then apply your magic to the rest of your home with a clear system in place to guide you.

Your thoughts and beliefs will be completely transformed after learning why YOU are the authority when it comes to your home, not a professional designer. If you are thinking you need to be a design genius with lots of training to create the perfect space, think again, my friend!

You will learn why just "making it pretty" alone is still not going to solve your problems - problems you might not even be aware of - and why my holistic approach to upleveling your lifestyle within your home is necessary in order to create a truly and deeply successful space for you and your family to thrive long-term.

Who is best suited for this Program you ask??
If you can raise your hand to any of these, I'm talkin' to you!!!

  • Do you dream about having an organized, clean, functional, beautiful, and personalized home?
  • Do you believe there's no way you have the ability to create a home you love because you aren't a professional and you don't have a clue what you are doing?
  • Do you spend time saving inspiration images off of IG or Pinterest only to then sit and watch them collect virtual dust because you didn't know how to take action in order to bring these images to life?
  • Do you keep putting off improving your home because you believe there's no way you have the money to make it happen?
  • Would you be embarrassed or ashamed of the state of you home if someone dropped by unannounced and unexpectedly?
  • Are the stressors in other areas of your life blown up to a larger degree when you come home to a house that causes even more strife rather than being a comforting and relaxing sanctuary?
  • Is your home causing you additional stress and anxiety because it is disorganized and untidy?
  • Do you feel like there is a dream life + lifestyle waiting for you where you can live as your best or highest self but you just don't know how to achieve it?

If you said yes to any of these, or maybe a lot of these, I'm ready to help you turn it all around and step into the home + life + lifestyle you've been dreaming of!

Details About the Program:

Price for the Program is one time up front payment of $797 (save almost $200), or you have the option to pay 6 monthly installments of $165 (totaling $990).

Upon enrolling, you will have access to my program and my one-on-one coaching for 6 whole months!

You will have 6 months to work through my 7 Module Program via your online Teachable Membership Portal.

As you work through the program at your own pace, we will schedule a minimum of 8 Coaching Calls based off your personal availability and schedule to help you as you work through each step and get personalized coaching along the way.

You will receive a series of Actionable Workbooks to assist you in implementing the concepts to a room of your choosing.

You will have access to the Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, receive help, and share successes with myself and the other past + present ladies in the program on the daily.

After you've completed the program or 6 months is up, you will still have access to the 'Stylize Your Home' Private FB Group where we can continue to interact.

Exactly What You Will Be Getting + How this Course will Transform your Home and your Life:

  • Module #1: Your Home as a Whole - Value = $1,350
    • We begin with a thoughtful discovery process where you will start to think about your home from a truly unique perspective and uncover the effects the current condition of your home has upon your life.
    • You will start to think critically about the vibe and presentation of your home and identify what thoughts and feelings you have about it.
    • From this process, you will select the room/space of your home you will work on during our Program!
    • I will introduce the mindset magic required to become "unstuck" and finally take the action necessary to get the results you want - a home + a life you LOVE!

  • Module #2: Design Pillar #1: Declutter + Organize - Value = $500
    • You will begin to identify the often overlooked and underlying issues that are causing you anxiety and stress in your home and your life.
    • You will discover the mind drama that makes it difficult to minimize and begin to find ease an comfort in letting some things go.
    • You will learn how to look at your "stuff" with a critical eye, get rid of the unnecessary items, and organize what is important.

  • Module #3: Design Pillar #2: Clean it Up - Value = $250
    • You will understand the importance of a "clean" home and learn tips and tricks to achieve it.
    • You will implement mindfulness around identifying repetitive behaviors/habits that aren't serving you and replace them with ones that do.

  • Module #4: Design Pillar #3: Make it Work - Value = $350
    • You will begin to understand that before we get to form, we must first consider function.
    • You will understand how your space might not be serving you well and how to turn it all around so that your home works for you rather than causing anxiety and frustration.
    • You will identify additions/subtractions/adjustments that could be made to the room in order to enhance your life + lifestyle in that space
  • Module #5: Design Pillar #4: Stylize the Look: Part 1 - Value = $1,000
    • You will discover the secrets to creating a home you love without the self-doubt and indecisiveness bogging you down.
    • You will learn to eliminate the roadblocks that are preventing you from creating the home + life + lifestyle of your dreams.
    • Basically, we release your Inner Design Star

  • Module #6: Design Pillar #4: Stylize the Look: Part 2 - Value = $4,735
    • Here is where we really get into the actual aesthetics of your space - discover your design style!
    • We begin by learning the effective and supportive ways to source design inspiration - using Pinterest/Instagram to your advantage.
    • You will learn the effects different design elements may have within your space - discover what you like and what you don't like.
    • You will learn practical tools such as how to select the perfect paint color and furniture.
    • You will create a plan of how to transform the room aesthetically and begin taking action!
  • Module #7: Design Pillar # 5: Make it You - Value = $350
    • You will uncover what makes your home uniquely YOU and why that is important.
    • You will learn the simple ways to make your house a home that reflects you and your personality.
  • Total Value of Program = $8,535 ---> Actual Price of Program = $797 Pay in Full or $990 over 6 Months

By the end of the program, you will have:

  • Transformed one room of your choosing through understanding and implementation of my 5 Pillar Design Process described above.
  • Transformed your way of thinking about purging, organizing, cleaning, designing, decorating, and personalizing your home.
  • A simple, holistic + intuitive formula and system to follow in order to confidently and decisively elevate your entire home without the overwhelm, confusion, or fear.
  • Established new beliefs, habits + behaviors that will allow you to uplevel your lifestyle and live your best life as your highest self.
  • Life-changing mindset tools that can be applied to any aspect of your life - romance/relationships, career/business, health/wellness/fitness, you name it!
  • Dare I say, you might be a whole new woman with a whole new perspective about her home + life + lifestyle? Sure, I'll say it. In fact, I'll guarantee it!

Let the People Speak! - Testimonials

While I personally believe my program is a one-of-a-kind, life-changing, mind-blowing experience that all women can benefit from, don't just take it from me! Here's what some of my clients have to say!

"I have to say, for the first time in a long time I am excited to come home to be in my space. It really is amazing what a little cleanup can do!" - after Purging/Decluttering, Organizing, + Cleaning Modules

"It applies to real life. It is very easy to work into a busy schedule and it can be applied to all aspects of your life. Before doing the program, my life and house was cluttered and overwhelming. It has been more organized and definitely easier to keep clean. The biggest benefit is that my husband and I can do things and make decisions better together now. It is totally worth the money! Just try it!" - after completing the program

" I loved that you were so active in the group! You were always available as well, and that is really helpful! I'm going to miss our calls and getting to share my crazy stories in a place where my husband couldn't see them! You are AWESOME. Thank you for inspiring and guiding me to create new habits! I am loving my home :)" - about yours truly

"Thank you, I needed this. I am trying to de-clutter my home and it’s been so difficult for some reason! Now I know why – My mentality hasn’t been where it should be. I will be doing this with my husband this week in preparation for a garage sale! Thank you!" - after the Purging/Decluttering Module

Why Interior Design Coaching Beats Hiring a Designer:

Sure, you can fork over the national average of $4,735 in design fees alone for a professional designer to come in and turn one room of your home into something visually stunning. But then what... what about all the other rooms in your home? What's going to happen to that pretty room if you continue to live your life the same chaotic, disorganized, and messy way? Did that designer really understand what YOU like, want, and need, or did they push the most expensive items of their liking on you in order to make more of a sale?

In my program, I believe in the "teach a man to fish and he eats for life" mentality. Once you learn the simple and straightforward system to achieve a space that works, you can apply it to your whole house, and not just once, but as your tastes change over time, as you move houses, etc.

I believe that the mindset shifts regarding how you view your home, how to prioritize your money and time for your home, and how important creating a home you love is to getting a life you love is far more valuable than just teaching colors and patterns. And NOBODY else is out there teaching these concepts!!!

What I'm bring to the world is a totally unique combination of a simple, holistic + intuitive design process that will tackle your problems from all directions with some serious mindset coaching that will result in a happier home and a happier YOU.

What makes me so special, you ask?

I define myself as a ‘Home + Life Coach’. I see myself as a more specialized niche within the ‘Life Coach’ category who helps people create a life they love through teaching them how to create a home they love.

This is my personal ‘genius zone’ and where I can make a real difference in other women’s lives because it is where all of my training, expertise and experience come into play, but it is also the exact transformation I’ve made for myself and my own lifeI’m my own success story!

What do I do as a coach?

• I serve as an advocate for my clients in their journey to create their dream life. While you may be over the moon about deciding to start taking the steps to improving yourself and your life, your friends and family may not always understand or be on board with your new adventure. I’m here to be your cheerleader, your support, and your sounding board as you work towards creating the life (and in this case, the home) you’ve always dreamed of.

I listen. Plain and simple. I want to hear EVERYTHING about your home and your life. All the ups, downs, positives, negatives, and everything in between. From there I have a clear picture on the things we can modify in your home, the way you live and use your home, and how you show up for your home and your life that will spell out the steps you need to take to get the transformation you are seeking.

• I help you modify your mindset and how you perceive your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions so that you can finally become unstuck and get the things you truly want. I bring about a new perspective to help uncover the ‘blind spots’ that have kept you spinning in circles, repeating the same behaviors or decisions that have held you back from getting what you want.

• I serve as a third-party, non-biased, neutral resource for help and advice. Often when talking specifically about our home, there is a difference of opinions between partners that leads to indecision and inaction. I frequently help clients work their way out of these traps quickly and effectively by advising from the perspective of the neutral party in the equation.

• I give you access to all of my knowledge, experience, and expertise. I’m a trained interior designer who has worked on high end commercial projects and also as a residential design consultant. I’ve helped countless friends, family, and clients conceptualize, design, renovate, decorate, organize, and develop their homes. More importantly, I’ve lived through my own transformation to create a home and a life I love using the exact concepts that I teach in my coaching.

Community and Support:

You will have lifetime access to the 'Stylize Your Home' Private Facebook Group. Here, you will be able to receive quick advice and help from me along the way as well as chat and share with all the other wonderful past + present women in the program. Give and get support along your transformational journey!

Still Not Sure?

I hope by now you see how much magic the two of us can create together... But in case you are still on the fence about whether I can help you create the home + life + lifestyle of your dreams, I'd love to speak with you over the phone, hear what you specifically need help on, and discuss whether we are the perfect fit for one another.

You can request call here, or just shoot me an email at [email protected] to set one up.

Also, I'd like to offer you a Full Money Back "Do the Work" Guarantee after completing first 2 modules. If after completing all of the lessons, workbooks, and coaching calls associated with the first 2 modules of the program, you feel like this isn't the experience you were expecting, I will give you a complete refund.

Your Instructor

Laura Hinton
Laura Hinton
Laura here, your friendly Home + Life Coach!
I'm sure you've heard of life coaches before, but it's unlikely you've come across a "Home Coach". Well, that's mostly because there are only a small handful of people (that I can find) who classify themselves as such. And I can pretty much guarantee you that I'm the ONLY person out there teaching the unique combo of information and perspectives that I have to share.
You'd like me to explain - I'd love to!
I am a trained professional interior designer. I worked for several years designing high end hotels, resorts, restaurants, and spas - an absolute dream job. I currently do residential design consulting for private clients and have of course ALWAYS been helping out friends and family with their home needs.
I also had the unusual career diversion of teaching dance and coaching competitive teams for 15 years - 6 of which were while owning and operating my own dance studio. I helped hundreds of girls develop and evolve into thoughtful, determined, powerful young adults.
The final piece was being introduced to Life Coaching. My gateway into the Life Coach School and 'The Model' (a specific mindset coaching method developed by Brooke Castillo) was through a weightloss podcast. What I learned from this coach completely blew my mind, changed my entire perspective on my life - oh and also helped me lose 45lbs in about 6 months that I'd been unable to get rid of over the previous 10 years! Simply put, I was hooked! This led to me hiring my own business and life coaches which deepened my understanding and appreciation of the power of the mind to get the results you desire.
With the education and experience of a designer combined with the passion for teaching and coaching, belief in the transformative power of working with a coach, and a little unique spin on traditional thoughts and beliefs, I knew I had the right formula for something super special to share with the world. Alas, my coaching experience, 'Stylize Your Home', was born!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start and finish?
The program begins upon enrolling and ends either once you've completed all of the modules OR when 6 months have passed. This allows you to work through the material at whatever pace you like.
What is the cost of the program?
The program is a one time payment of $797 due at the time of enrollment OR you have the option of paying $165/month for 6 months (total of $990)
How does the Program Work?
We will be scheduling a minimum of 8 one-on-one coaching calls through Zoom where I will introduce/teach a topic. A corresponding Workbook Assignment will be posted inside the your online Teachable membership portal. You will complete these assignments and submit when completed so you can receive customized coaching on the next call. The next coaching call will discuss and review the most recent module completed as well as introduce/teach the next topic. This all moves at YOUR own pace - all coaching calls will be scheduled based on YOUR availability.
What if I don't finish in the 6 month period?
If you do not make it through all of the modules within the 6 months, the only real thing you will miss out on is the one-on-one live coaching with me. Regardless of how much you get through, you will receive a copy of all of the Lesson Material and Workbooks at the end of 6 months and you will have continued access to me in the Private FB Community where you can still ask questions as you finish. Basically, you will get all the content, you just won't have me!
Are refunds available if I'm not happy with the course?
I'd like to offer you a Full Money Back "Do the Work" Guarantee after completing first 2 modules​. If after legitimately giving your best efforts on completing all of the lessons, workbooks, and coaching calls associated with the first 2 modules of the program, you feel like this isn't the experience you were expecting, I will give you a complete refund.
What if I just don't have tons of money to spend on my house right now?
First off friend, this program isn't just about shopping for new things in your home. The mindset components alone will transform your lifestyle within your space and those things are totally free! However, working through my system will allow you to create a strategy/plan for how you'd like to spend money on your home down the line if you aren't quite able to spend the funds at the time. Additionally, I can't wait to coach you on your limiting beliefs about money which will help change your perspective completely and alleviate this worry altogether!
What if I am currently renting or am about to move? Will the program still benefit me?
Of course! You will benefit from the life/lifestyle and mindset modifications regardless of where you live and whether you are allowed to do larger renovations or not. This is about creating your best life as your highest self wherever and whatever your housing circumstance - now or in the future!
I tend to get really busy... what if I fall way behind?
There is no "behind'! This One-on-One Coaching Program is developed specifically for people who need a little freedom of timeline to get the work done. As your coach, I want to see you succeed in my program more than anything! Therefore I will be here to keep you on track, motivate and inspire you to take action, and ease you through resistance as it comes up along the way. I only take on a limited number of clients so I can give you the attention and support you need. And of course, I'd love to coach you on your limiting beliefs and your stories about time!

So here are my questions:

  • Wouldn't it make you proud and excited to have the knowledge, confidence and decisiveness to create a home where you desire and crave to be - a place where you and your family can thrive - and something that lifts you up and brightens your daily vibe and mood?

  • Wouldn't it be a relief if your home was a place of sanctuary, retreat, and restoration as opposed to something that causes you additional strife? A place of community, gathering, celebration, and togetherness? Something which brings about feelings of love, safety, warmth, coziness, and comfort? Whatever you desire!

  • Wouldn't it feel amazing to learn new mindset tools that will allow you to live an enhanced and enriched lifestyle within your home?

  • Simply put, wouldn't it feel like your life, as a whole, was quite a bit better if your home was a place you absolutely LOVED?

Heck yes, let's get started transforming houses and transforming lives!!!

This course is closed for enrollment.